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Proveedor de Servicios Especializados y Ejecución de Obras Especializadas

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Benefits and labor rights in accordance with the Federal Labor Law (LFT).


1. Aguinaldo (Christmas bonus): Workers are paid in December, even if they have not worked the full year. It must be an annual payment equivalent to 15 days of salary at least awarded before December 20.


2. Holidays and vacation premium: Workers with more than one year of services are entitled to at least six vacation days and the premium is an amount of 25% in addition to the ordinary salary paid for this period. The second year and for each subsequent year they are increased two days until reaching 12 for each year. Starting in the fifth year of service, it will increase by two days of vacation for every five years of service.


3. Sunday bonus: An additional 25% over the base salary paid by the employer to his worker for working regularly on Sunday, when he has any other day of the week as his rest.


4. Weekly rest day: The right of the worker to enjoy one day of rest for every six days worked. Compulsory rest day, the worker's right to enjoy according to the calendar established by law throughout the year. In case of working the determined rest days, these are double paid regardless of the corresponding salary.


5. Maternity leave: the right of working women six weeks before and after childbirth to not attend their work. In the event that the children were born with any type of disability or require hospital medical attention, postnatal rest may be up to eight weeks, upon presentation of the corresponding certificate.


6. Adoption leave: The right of working women in case of adoption not to attend their work for the purpose of caring for the infant, with a six-week break with salary after the day they receive the infant. Lactation period : Two extraordinary half-hour rests per day in a place designated by the company during which mothers have the right to rest to feed their children after birth. It can also be an agreement with the employer to reduce your work day by one hour.


7. Paternity leave: Permission that working men have not to attend their work for five days for the birth of their son or in the case of the adoption of an infant.


8. Seniority bonus: Additional payment in the amount of 12 days of salary for each year of service. In the case of not working the full year, a proportional part will be paid according to the time worked. The worker must receive it when they voluntarily separate from their employment, provided they have worked 15 years or more. In the same way, a worker who decides to separate for a justified cause generated by the employer, a collaborator who is separated without just cause by his employer (unjustified dismissal), who is separated for justified cause generated by himself and in the event of the worker's death, its beneficiaries are paid.


9. Renunciation benefits: Wages, bonuses, vacations, vacation premium, utilities, seniority premium for 15 years or more will be granted to the worker who voluntarily terminates his employment relationship.


10. Benefits for unjustified dismissal: You will receive constitutional compensation (payment of three months of salary, Christmas bonus, vacation, vacation bonus, utilities, seniority bonus,) and in case you demand reinstatement to your job, and your employer will deny, in addition to the aforementioned concepts will receive 20 days of salary per year of services rendered, plus wages due


11. Utilities: From April 1 to May 30 in the case of companies and from May 1 to June 29 in the case of natural persons is the right of workers to receive a part of the profits obtained by their employer the previous year for services or productive activity.

Benefits and labor rights in accordance with the Federal Labor Law (LFT).

Tarjetas de Seguro de protección y asistencia médica AXA Assistance con cobertura a Nivel Nacional.

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Acceso a Red de Médica especialistas, orientación medica telefónica (24/7), Ambulancia Terrestre y médico a domicilio, descuentos con especialistas y farmacias, descuentos en ópticas, consultas con médicos generales y especialistas, descuentos en estudios de laboratorio y de gabinete y servicio de Enfermera a Domicilio.

Seguro de accidentes personales AXA Assistance y Seguros SURA.

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Cobertura por muerte accidental $200,000.00 M.N., Reembolso de Gastos Médicos por Accidente hasta $25,000.00 M.N., Invalidez por Accidente $200,000.00 M.N., Pérdidas orgánicas escala “B” $200,000.00 M.N, Hospitalización por accidente $300.00 M.N. diarios, Muerte por asalto $20,000.00 pesos.

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Asistencia Funeraria Axa Assistance y ANEMEX

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Cobertura a Nivel Nacional, para inhumación y cremación; incluye recolección del cuerpo, ataúd, sala de velación o cremación, gestión de trámites, asesoría jurídica testamentaria vía telefónica, y servicio de tanatología.

Aplicación de pruebas psicométricas

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en línea, para la evaluación de Personalidad, de competencias y reporte integral confidencial.

Tarjetas de Descuento STPS

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Para la obtención de ahorros del 5 al 50% en: Ropa, calzado, artículos para el hogar, servicios médicos, dentales, ópticos, educativos y académicos, profesionales, análisis clínicos en laboratorios certificados, artículos escolares, deportivos, transporte aéreo, hospedaje, alimentos, actividades culturales, recreativas, entre otros.

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